Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge are Beloved Binge an indie duo from Durham, NC.

Their latest album Pockets is quite an emotional journey. The band says, “Pockets is where you go when a part of you has left.” About half of the songs were inspired by the unexpected death of a parent.

“I took something from your pocket. And I never gave it back.”

This album is best embraced if you’re in a forlorn mood. The music is something to indulge in, it’s not meant to be a a fleeting moment on your stereo.

The “Pockets” video was recorded by a videographer from the Center for Documentary Studies and video-edited by me at the library. We shot it primarily in an industrial area of our formerly neglected urban neighborhood in East Durham.

“Pockets” is from our album Pockets just released on September 22nd, written moments before heading to Duck Kee Studios (a tiny house with a cat in Mebane, NC). Beloved Binge are a duo playing happy and eccentric garage pop closely related to Beat Happening, Akron/Family, or the Moldy Peaches. We’re originally from Seattle but our home is in Durham, NC.