New holiday songs from Jodie Levinson, Adelee & Gentry and Pat Canavan #nowplaying

If you’re looking for new holiday songs from up and coming artists to add to your holiday playlist? Excellent, here are three tracks I think you’ll love. :)

Jodie Levinson is a diamond in the rough for sure. She has a pristine voice, it’s warm and inviting, she pulls you into her music within the first 10 seconds. Her four-song EP entitled “Strong Enough,” is due to release this January 2013. But you need to hear it right now and add it to your playlist.

Download & Listen:

Jodie Levinson – “Strong Enough” [mp3 – a favorite]

Next up we have a cover of “Carol of The Bells.”  It is the debut single from Adelee & Gentry’s EP “Waiting For Christmas.” “Waiting For Christmas” is a unique, robust, and dramatic holiday album that takes the listener on a journey where stunningly beautiful harmonies blend effortlessly with powerful strings and percussion.

I think you’ll find Adelee & Gentry put their own spin on the song, but it is a great rendition all the same and really shows off their harmonizing skills.

Download & Listen:

Adelee & Gentry – “Carol of The Bells” [mp3]

My son Brae was listening to some new tracks with me and he likes one by Pat Canavan called “Happy, Happy, Happy News Year.” Really there are not many New Year themed songs out there so it’s nice to have something other than Auld Lang Syne to listen to, and this one is pretty kid friendly.

Pat Canavan is an accomplished composer and singer with a vast catalogue consisting of over 300 titles in nearly every genre.

Download & Listen:

Pat Canavan – “Happy Happy Happy New Year To You” [mp3]

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2 Responses

  1. I am looking for Holiday songs this year! We’ll be hosting Christmas for the family at our house and I would love to have some new holiday music to mix with the classics I intend to play. Thanks!

  2. Love Christmas songs!