Dumb ‘ur msg’ down and it just might show up on the Music Choice channel

Last night during dinner my husband turned on the Top Hits Music Choice channel. Our kids love music, all of them, Amelia (3 months old) was entertained for quite some time while pictures changed on the screen and songs I’m sure she recognized were playing.

textmessageYou can text a message into the channel and they will display it on screen for you. I didn’t know this, we hardly ever watch the Music Choice Channels because normally the kids watch something on Netflix around dinner time. So I thought it would be fun to text in a message and let them see it show up on screen.

I wrote “I love my family – Christy” and Music Choice texted back saying the volume was high and I might not see my message. Then moments later I received a text staying my message did not fit their criteria. Having been watching the other messages which were all shorthand, “ur” instead of “your” the digit “2” instead of the word, I realized I had to send a message like a teenager and not a 31-year-old mother of three.

musicchoicescreenMy second attempt made it onto the big screen and the family that I love had quite a laugh. Because never in a million years would anyone hear me saying “wassup” or “peeps” unless I am chowing down on some bird shaped marshmallows. You know what I’m saying? Hahaha. SMH… I am getting so old.

Most of the music we heard was what you’d expect of the Top 40 Hits, lots of dance pop, Lady Gaga, P!nk, etc. But Mumford & Sons also played and I was thrilled to hear them on that particular station. I mean you can hear a banjo played on a country station any day, but it’s not often well played, not over produced and true instrumental talent is taken mainstream and aired. The band behind Mumford & Sons must be super excited with their success. Over the last couple of years they have received several Grammy nominations and their latest single “I Will Wait” is being played on many stations and channels. Way to go guys!

Eventually the channel was switched to play retro rock and then some sweet 80s music. Braeden (age 9) then learned that Bananarama is indeed a true band and not just something Shawn Spencer from Psych made up during the Spelling Bee episode ;)

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