Friends should not let friends wear clothing that blends in with their skin


Please don’t ever let me wear a long gown that is the same color as my body.

Kristen Stewart really? What happened dear, it looks like you shaved a shag carpet and tried to tape it back together before wrapping it around your skeletal self.

Please don’t ever let me look like a waif of a girl. I would much rather look like a curvy, woman.

What we need more of along the lush, velvet carpet are sandwiches and color swatches.


And no I am not an Anne Hathaway hater. I really like her, I think she is a phenomenal actress and she deserves praise. But seriously put some weights in her hand bag if it is breezy down the runway the girl is going to fly away. Give her some French fries and a milkshake. And tell her to go with a sapphire blue gown next time ;)

The Oscars. Seriously I love movies, I love to be entertained but the only award show I think really gets it right are the People’s Choice awards.

Although I’m sure a trophy is a trophy and any award honoring their dedication to their careers is admirable.

So congrats to all of you out there decorating your mantle with tiny golden man shaped statues ;)