We gotta put down the foot; Candace Bellamy

candacebellamyalbumcoverThis is wicked good music. Are you listening to me?! I am adamant. Recently I was able to hear Ms. Maya Angelou speak and I am very certain she would groove to this music. In fact, I can see her scrunch up her face and throw her head back to it. She spoke to a large crowd at the University of Delaware. Several times she mentioned how we need to talk to the children. She didn’t specify which children, she meant all children. To share wisdom, to tell stories, to teach and help nourish all the youth of the world. Candace Bellamy does just that with the track, “Put Down the Foot.” (You can stream it on this page above the title)

A physician by day and a soul singer by night, Bellamy took up singing as a hobby 10 years ago, paying dues in cover bands, musical theater (her role in an R&B version of “Porgy & Bess” impressed the New York Times), and with a one-woman show where she told stories of her life in between tunes.

With her debut album set for release on May 14th, and its opening anthem “Put Down The Foot” available now, Bellamy can say she’s a singer just as easily as she can say she’s a doctor. “Several people have asked why I am pursuing music when I already have a good job,” she muses. “The answer is simple – because I love it.”

You’re going to feel good listening to her music. Truly.