Little bit guitar, litle bit accordian, little bit electric folk; Bogan Via

ContentImage-3663-137935-BoganViaPress101812And just what pray-tell is an Electro-folk duo? Bogan Via apparently…

Sometimes I think they just make this stuff up.

Honestly, I think calling the duo electro-folk is going to deter people (like myself) who will actually enjoy this music. So I’m stressing to give them a fair listen before you put your nose up at this oddly titled genre. If I had to lump them under something I’d say they are a more traditional indie pop act and yeah sure you’re going to get pumped and if that means they are “electro” then I can understand. Bogan Via produces music that elevates your energy no matter what kind of mood you’re in even early in the morning.

Shortly after signing with Common Wall, Bret and Madeleine started working with producer Bob Hoag (The Format, Joel Plaskett, Black Carl) at Flying Blanket Recording on recording a handful of new songs as well as re-recording some tracks from the original EP. The result of those sessions was their 2nd EP Wait Up, which was released in October of 2012 by Common Wall. Prior to the EP release, local AZ promoter Jeremiah Gratza released one of the songs, “TES”, on 7” baby pink vinyl with a remix by Miniature Tigers as the B-side via his newly formed President Gator label. Late in 2012, the band took that Miniature Tigers remix and a handful of others by Geographer, Spirit Cave, and more and released a digital-only Remix EP which also included the new original track “Gatsby”.

The Wait Up EP found its way onto a few best of list for 2012 including Fensepost’s Best EPs of 2012 and Phoenix NewTimes Best Local Records of 2012. sums up the perfected minimalism of Bogan Via’s sound quite well in describing the track “TES”. “There’s really not a lot going on here, and it absolutely works. The subtle changes happening throughout the song are incredibly tasteful, as each little element is given space to expand and make its mark on the song.”


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  1. I love folk and I’ve always had a thing for accordions. My mom played when I was a kid and even though I thought she was REALLY weird for doing so I figured since she’s 100% Polish it was cool enough.