OMG Halle Berry is pregnant

halle_berry_street_2_bigAnd the world stops before the gossiping goes into over drive.

Berry’s daughter, Nahla, will have a baby brother in about six months.

I don’t understand why she is with this Oliver character. He’s quite odd looking. He must have a great personality.

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I’m sorry.. why do we care about this? Because she is 46 years old? I think more women are having children later our of necessity. You kind of have to have your life in order before you have one, or at least you should, and so medicine and technology are making it safer for women to have babies at an older age.



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2 Responses

  1. Holy crap I didn’t realize she’s that old. It’s kind of dangerous to have a kid at that age health wise isn’t it?

  2. scrInk says:

    I mean it’s more risky as you age but I imagine she will have some pretty great doctors. She will be 47 when the baby is born.