AfterParty’s Lonely Reggae fitting for a breakup scene

afterparty2You know I love the show Psych… and they always have great music in their episodes, normally 80s music because Shawn (one of the lead characters) is a huge 80s buff. Anyway, I was just introduced to music by the AfterParty and with it’s airy vocals and synthesizers it’s definitely reminiscent of music from the 1980s. I hear a very strong influence from New Order, not that I would say AfterParty should be in the same high esteem that I carry New Order, but that they have a similar sound.

The man behind AfterParty is Andreas. When he was around ten years old he bought a lot of ”Synthesizer greatest hits” cd’s. They had plenty of mixed music from Jan Hammer who made the Miami Vice theme, Jean Michel Jarre with songs like ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Vangeli’s with the soundtrack from Blade Runner. Andreas had a small Casio keyboard which he manically practiced the Airwolf main theme on and was trying to play the song ”Popcorn” as fast as possible. This kind of music is his platform. Nowadays his favorite bands are The Rapture, Hot Chip, and the swedish band Bob Hund.

The particular track above the post title on this page is called “Lonely Reggae” and I can see it fitting nicely into a Psych episode. It would very well now that Juliet has found out about Shawn’s big lie… (crushing to me, just crushing) The sadness in the track is disarming and raw.


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