What’s going on with my fave show? PSYCH! #psychos

Since Psych is my favorite show EVER I decided I’m going to write about it more. I also include a Psych related video in the sidebar of my site, but don’t often actually write content pertaining to the show.

julietoharamaggielawsonFirst of all if you have not see Psych on the USA Network, Wednesday 10pm EST than you absolutely must schedule yourself time to watch it OR at the very least DVR it. My family loves this show, I can safely include my husband now because this season in particular now has him hooked as well. Seriously, I LOVE this show. And the witty banter, the 80s references, the music, the themes of the shows (Like the vampire one where Shawn and Gus dressed up like vampires and Corey Feldman was it circa The Lost Boys! I mean come on, the guest stars Psych pulls out of the wood work are just so perfect. Including having recently aired their 100th episode which included nearly the entire cast from the 80s movie Clue.)

psychshawnblewhisownmindSo if you don’t know anything about the show then let me briefly summarize. Shawn Spencer (James Roday) is a fake psychic who works for the Santa Barbara Police Department helping them to solve crimes. Until very recently everyone he worked with genuinely believed him to truly be psychic and so they consult with him regularly. His partner in crime is Burton Guster (Dulé Hill) and together they work with the SPBD Chief of Police and lead detectives. Now. How is this different than The Mentalist? Well because Shawn and Gus are absolutely hilarious on and off screen. dulehillguspsychThe charisma they have as a duo cannot be touched by any character match up on any other show I have ever watched. They provide amazing comic relief even during intense moments on the show.

timothyomundsonpsychThe detectives I mentioned are Juliet (Maggie Lawson) and Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) they have a great on-screen relationship as partners on the force. They are two very different character  types, although I would argue Juliet is becoming more and more uptight as the season progresses which is a development I do not like, but I’m not their writer. Police Chief Karen Vick  (Kirsten Nelson) is appearing more and more in the show as a connecting role between the characters which I appreciate. She’s very grounded and I enjoy her characters loyalty to each of the other characters. Another person involved with the SBPD is Woody the Coroner (Kurt Fuller) and he is hilarious as well although incredibly morbid. His character is guaranteed to add awkward dialogue to any situation, but I love it.

corbinbernsenLast but not least we have Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen). He has worked for the SPBD both as an officer of the law and was briefly placed in charge of working with the department’s consultants (his son and Gus). Last season ended with him being shot and I really didn’t know if he would be back on the show or not but I am relieved that he has remained and continues to play a vital role in all the shows both helping Shawn and Gus with their investigations and having his own side stories, too.

So anyway Shawn and Juliet are a couple on the show. (And in real life!) This season she found out that Shawn is not a real psychic. Of course having been lied to for the entire course of their relationship she feels betrayed and has ended the relationship. Last week she asked Shawn to move out of their house and this week we are being teased with the notion that she is looking for another roommate. This means Shawn is looking for another place to stay. We’re again being teased with the notion that staying with Woody might be the thing to do. Yikes!

I cannot wait to see tonight’s episode!



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