Drum cases and dramaville

drummerbrianOnce upon a time in a land far, far away …

Okay so about 10 years ago at a dive/bar in Wilmington I met my husband.

I remember where I was standing, near a door, I don’t think I ever sat down. I didn’t know anyone and had been invited by the singer of the band playing that night. But it has always been my thing to lay back and scan and observe the people around me. I take it all in and learn about people based on their behavior when they think no one is watching.

Brian was this pale, scrawny guy sitting behind the drum cases. A drummer. I didn’t know at that time that he would end up being my husband and the father of my kiddos. Briefly, I should tell you, drum cases are so awkward. It’s not like a guitar case with a convenient handle. Drum cases are sturdy and SQUARE. You can’t just left them with one hand and you can’t hug them to carry them around. They are big, bulky, square cases. However, they are important to keep your drums safe and to allow shy women an opportunity to make your acquaintance ;)

After the set the band began packing up their equipment. I was introduced to everyone, but it was Brian I walked back up to later in the evening. I offered to help him put his drums away. Best move I ever made. (Even though I soon found out he was dating someone else).

Later I ended up dating the singer. He however was secretly dating Brian’s girlfriend. Needless to say sh!t hit the fan and I ended up smack in the middle of dramaville. But after all the chaos and bickering, after all that we ended up together, Brian and I. He was and will always be my Bri. I will always be his Ace.

We have had such a roller coaster of ups and downs.

The truth remains the same however…that in a sea of people, unfamiliar and familiar faces..I will always search for him.


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