Pricing out your future dream piano

Piano_Keys_warmI know I’ve said it before but someday when I’m all grown up (hush now, I know I’m 32) I really would love to have a piano. Of course for that to happen my family would need a bigger home, and once we win the lottery that will happen. Upon moving into a bigger home the next thing I will pick up will be a Piano Price Guide. Now my son already has a really nice keyboard and I’m sure that would need to remain because it’s important to him. But how stellar would it be to also have a sweet grand piano? Oh yes, someday it will happen. And then when my husband is jamming out on his guitar, I can tinker along on the piano keys. ;)

What do you prefer when listening to new music, the sound of a guitar or the sound of a piano? Perhaps you would prefer to hear both instruments? When artists write a song they always have to think about the sound which includes not just the vocals but also what their base instrument will be. I know a lot of artists who start out submitting a track for a review with piano and then are asked to rock it out a bit more and make it guitar. It’s a tough call, but what are you going to do when you’re trying to produce an album?

There you have it, that’s what needs to happen, we just need to have both pieces available. Every good song needs a remix eventually, right?


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