netflixposterMy husband spent part of his Father’s Day weekend attempting to get a new Belkin wireless device to connect our TV to our computers so we can listen to music and watch movies that are stored digitally. It ended up being quite a task for him, mostly because I bought the wrong stuff. Oops. Thankfully we have Netflix and so we continued watching our regulars. I of course have been watching One Tree Hill, the entire series, I’m on season seven right now and loving it. Brae normally picks Kickin’ It or Psych and Finnegan watches anything Mickey Mouse. Brian however chooses James Bond movies. Either way I’m happy, I love Netflix. Which is why I’m sharing this Netflix free trial link with you.

Sign up and let me know what you end up diving into. I’ve completed the Psych series many times and Ghost Whisperer. I’ll be done One Tree Hill soon and I am not sure what I’ll start watching after it is over but I guarantee you it will be cheesy ;)