Flips Audio, a social experience for your solo headphones

flipsWhen the Flips Audio Headphones came to our door I was super excited because they are these big bulky high tech looking headphones and I just wanted to be able to wear them. Of course both my boys and my husband wanted to try them out, too.  The packaging design was superb and enticing, the headphones look sleek and trendy.
Now my husband loves music, it is a passion for him just like it is for me but for different reasons. He likes to play music, he is a gifted musician and has a tone of recording equipment including his own set of pricey headphones that he uses when he’s working on tracks on his computer. He tried the Flips out and was really disappointed by the quality of the sound coming through the speakers when they are used for a solo experience. He said the music sounded muddy and couldn’t handle extreme lows or highs in a track without distorting the music. However, when he flipped the ears around and the music played out to the room he was really impressed by the sound. He said he wouldn’t purchase the headphones for use unless he were planning on using them socially.
I know a lot of teenagers wear headphones around their neck almost as if they are a fashion accessory. Flips Audio headphones would be perfect for those people. You don’t need to hold a loose blue tooth speaker, you just put these headphones around your neck and flip the speakers for a social listening experience. The only thing I should preface is the social listening mode does require that the headphones are charged. They can be charged via USB.
So if you’re the type of person that likes to be at the top of the trendy list and you love sharing music, definitely check out the special code below to get $10 of the $120 retail price.
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P.S. I did receive this product for free from Flips ™ Audio, but these opinions are 100% mine.


12 thoughts on “Flips Audio, a social experience for your solo headphones

  1. Those sound neat! I have a nephew I think would really enjoy these! I hadn’t heard of this brand till now :-)

  2. If you are looking for earbuds I recommend BB Bass Buds they are so crystal clear!

  3. This will make a perfect gift for a couple of my nephews. And I’m liking that the flip style are making a comeback. :)

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