Ladies and Gentleman this is Photo Mambo!

photo-mambo-screenshotA little bit of Finnegan in my life,

A little bit of Brian by my side,

A little bit of Amelia’s all I need,

A little bit of Braeden’s what I see…

Haha, I’m just having some fun here and that’s because of Photo Mambo which is an amazingly fun (and safe) new way to share your photos with friends and family.

You know how desktop screensavers used to be such a big deal back in the 90s. I mean when my parents bought our first computer I remember being amazed by the bubbles and the black screen with the floating stars. I know I’m dating myself but I used to change the screensaver all the time. My oldest son Braeden is into updating his wallpaper and screensaver on his laptop so I think it’s just a kid thing. HOWEVER, I propose we go back in time and embrace the screensaver idea all over again except now we do it with our family photos using Photo Mambo.

So I downloaded the Photo Mambo software. It automatically takes you to your Pictures folder on your computer. You click on a photo to add one to the collection you wish to “frame” and send. Then you type in family and friends email addresses and you opt to send them a Mambo frame or opt to allow them to view the photos over the web. I chose to send the frame because I know that will play like a screensaver on their machine.

So what’s the big deal? Well, when I share new photos they will automatically be added to their frame like magic. I know my parents and grandparents will absolutely love that feature. It is one less step for them to get to the pictures of my kiddos that they really want to see.

This software is very easy to use it took me less than 8 minutes to get it installed, running and to figure it out. PLUS there is a mobile app so I can upload photos on the fly when the family and I are out on the town. You know what that means right? This will be another way, a new cool tool for me to use while Braeden and I are in Washington, DC for the Kids State Dinner in a couple of weeks. I will be able to upload from my phone and share our activities with just a few touches of the screen!

Sweet! The software is still in beta testing mode but I couldn’t wait to share how cool it is with my readers. You’re definitely going to want to try this out!