Oh Miley Cyrus you should have filmed your video on the set of the Labyrinth #WECANTSTOP

miley-cyrus-scaryThis is not normal. I think when Miley wrote “We Can’t Stop” and then worked on the music video for it she wanted people to ask “What the hell is wrong with Miley Cyrus?” I mean seriously she knew if her video was completely, over the top screwed up that people would talk about it. I’m playing right into her very obvious ploy. (Don’t play the above video while eating as it will inevitably cause you to lose your appetite and possibly vomit).

Now I know what most of you are thinking, how dare I use the word “music” in the same sentence as the name Miley Cyrus. To be honest with you I’m not even quite sure myself. I’ve never been a Miley Cyrus music fan, I like her as an actor, I think she’s great on camera. Even though she dresses and has the same hair style as David Bowie, I still think she is a pretty girl. But her voice! I mean bleeding ears of the world unite. Stop singing or whining or whatever it is that you are doing. No, no, that’s not fair, perhaps the song could grow on me if I hadn’t watched the video, I mean ever, and never again.

davidbowie_coverIt’s similar to how I feel about Taylor Swift. I like Taylor’s country music and I liked Miley’s country music. But this batsh!t crazy pop music is nothing short of disturbing.

I don’t hate her. I don’t know her. But here are my thoughts. She’s young. She’s rebellious. She’s attention seeking. She’s rich and she’s pretty. She needs a sandwich or rather I can share some of my thigh fat with her instead. I think she’ll come around eventually and be not so “over the top” but who knows.

Either way, she got what she was going for, people are talking and looking up psychiatric hospitals so they can send out the appropriate brochures to Billy Ray.

If you are a Miley fan then you should know Miley Cyrus will be headlining the brand new iHeartRadio Music Festival Village during the annual iHeartRadio Music Festival!

P.S. If you did watch the video then you will appreciate this magazine cover… note who it is about… David Bowie, that’s right!miley_ghostbusters_3

P.S.S. Was that a gold retainer? I just don’t know. Sigh. Although I read Amanda Bynes is interested in playing copy cat with Miley’s 24K grill.

And in other news, if not David Bowie, than definitely Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer from Ghostbusters. Don’t deny it, you totally see the resemblance. Hmmm maybe, just maybe, Miley is a fan of amazing movies from the 80s.  Labyrinth  and Ghostbusters fan? Because that would be pretty sweet.



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  1. Please someone, any one who is close to this girl, pay attention lest she end up along the likes of Lindsay Lohan…This kid has gone a tad out there of late, its a shame….

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