Brae’s Brown Bags in Wilmington, DE

braeden-mannering-emmanuel-dining-roomMy son, Braeden, will be giving out Brae’s Brown Bags in Wilmington, De at the Emmanuel Dining Room on Sunday August 25, 2013.

He wrote about meeting Brother Miguel and the opportunity he has been given to really put Brae’s Brown Bags out there in the community.

You can read about the visit in his words on his website.

What I wanted to share further is the email I received in response from Brother Miguel. It touched my heart and I hope it will touch yours as well. When things like this happen it is proof there is hope for our world and I could not be prouder of Braeden than I am right now.

What an enjoyable visit with you and Brae. Thank you for your visit and time.

It is truly inspiring to meet a child so interested in helping others and doing good deeds. He has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish. You are blessed with such an altruistic son, who shows such potential to achieve greatness in his life. For that reason as well, we felt we must do everything possible to support and encourage Brae in his efforts while also meeting the daily needs of our guests who visit us for a meal. Eagerly, I await August 25th as a special day for this meaningful project.

Thanks for the photos as well. If I can suggest photos on the 25th with Brae handing out the bags and especially to other children, this would perhaps inspire others and most importantly children and teens to reach out with care to people who are in need.

PS As we mentioned in our meeting and with your permission, we would love to include this story in our Reaching Out newsletter.

Br. Miguel Ramirez OFM Cap.

Program Director
Emmanuel Dining Room