The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorenson

the-fallen-starI wish I could give half stars because I would have given The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorenson this 3.5 stars but I can’t give it more than three.

Other people have been saying this story is way too much like Twilight. Seeing as how there is little to no love story or romance in the book I would have to say that’s not true. Although there are several awkward teen moments but still not enough to be Twilight comparable. (I did love Twilight so don’t get me wrong).

There was far too much of this book that was almost identical to Harry Potter. It’s like when you go in the grocery store and by the bagged cereal Os because you know they taste like Cheerios but they will never really be Cheerios and you missing the fun activity on the back of the box.

The first 100 pages there were so many Harry Potter rip-offs that I almost stopped reading. Thankfully the last 100 pages made up for the blatant similarities. Bad guy with a scar, memories taken, death walkers and a kid who has to live with their evil relatives who try to hide everything and lie all the time.

I did enjoy the star concept, that was original and I appreciate that plot in the story. I also like the small vampire element and the Vegas trip. I could have done without the death walkers they are way to similar to the death eaters in Harry Potter.

If there could have been some other supernatural villain this book would have probably gotten a 4.5 but since a lot if the concepts weren’t original I really can’t do more than 3 stars. With all that being said I will read the next book in the series and hopefully it will be improved.

The book is free on the Kindle as of right now.