Rebecca Roubion Gives Back After House Fire

rebecca-roubionIt’s all about striking a balance. Walking the line. Coloring just outside the lines. Creating beyond the confines, such that starkness and familiarity each give way to that poignant, addictive danger: unknown territory. This is exactly where Nashville, TN-based songstress Rebecca Roubion has made her home, and she’s corrigibly inviting you in with all the confidence and longing of a siren at sea.

This November, Nashville songstress Rebecca Roubion is teaming up with the American Red Cross and Nashville’s own SoundForest to launch From Ashes– a collaborative project where 70% of her November record sales will respectively sponsor relief to victims of fires and a forest sanctuary off 8th Ave to restore Music City’s environment damaged by the flood of 2010.

The effort was inspired by a house fire Roubion suffered this past New Year’s Eve, damaging a box of unopened records.  Since then, she’s been planning a way to plant life from ashes.
“I wanted to find a way to use both my story and my craft to help others who have been similarly affected by misfortune, but also build up my community,” said Roubion.
Records are available at or digitally through iTunes and Bandcamp (Bandcamp will yield a more immediate and wholesome donation).  To make a direct donation or for more information, visit


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  1. I’m glad she’s doing that, I think there should be more benefits. Lord knows the world will never run out of reasons to need them!