cursedA few nights ago I finished the book Cursed by Casey Odell.

It took me about 200 pages in before I really started to like this book and then I couldn’t stop reading.

I love the idea of elves. We meet the magic elves after centaurs rampage Claire’s village. Claire’s Mom tells her to run into the Forbidden Woods and that she will be protected in there. Claire then loses her Mother and has no idea where she is or where her Mom went and if her Mom is even alive.

It turns out that an elf, Farron, sees magical glowing markings on her arm while he is running through the forest and so he is able to save her from the centaurs and bring her to his kingdom.

Claire and Farron have such an intense relationship. They are both so snarky and brooding and always battling with each other and themselves that it’s almost mind numbing at times. Although I do like their banter. Their reaction to each other is frustrating and comical at the same time. You know right off the bat that even though they act like they hate each other it is all just laced with attraction and sexual tension.

The other elf who is in charge of protecting Claire during their journeys is Aeron. Aeron is a quite the enjoyable chap. He is so full of himself that it’s amusing. I wonder what happened to him towards the end of the story but I imagine he will return in the 2nd of the series. It’s probably that Farron was able to somehow track Claire because of the markings on her arm.

The General, Bren, infuriated me and it bothered me how clueless Claire was to him. He is just a coward through and through. Claire seems like she could be such a strong female role and so when she was reduced to the hand of this lying scheming punk it really made me angry. She should have known better.

I’ll definitely download the next book in the “Cursed Magic Series.”