Do not be fooled by the creepy album art, Mumford & Sons new album will impress

Mumfords-Immediate-Family-CoverThere aren’t many people who have hear Mumford & Sons music and not enjoyed it on some level at first. I mean now that their hit single has been played 8 million times on all the Top 40 stations that particular song might be getting old, but at the very least I hope it piqued your interest about the band and prompted you to look for more of their music.

Which is why it is so great that Mumford’s Immediate Family album is coming out on November 19th, 2013 via Maximum Ames Records!

The album cover bothers me, it’s like a movie poster for some 1970s horror flick. I don’t like it. But what is it that they say? You can’t judge a book by its creepy cover.

From the press release:

This new album represents an evolution of the Mumford’s sound and recording process. Immediate Family is a compilation of story-driven, thematic ballads. Each song revolves around various fictional characters and their interactions within their families. Some of the characters are recurring and have the opportunity to respond to one another across multiple tracks.The lyrics and instruments work in tandem to drive the narrative of intertwining relationships, families, and societal misconceptions forward.

In the studio, the band chose to step out of its comfort zone by electing to record the bulk of the album live together. On previous albums the band recorded individual instruments and later pieced them together. Most of the album was recorded at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames during one long marathon session.

The record’s first single, “Caster”, is a rocking, upbeat, sing-along song that tackles the concept of gender and turns it on its head. The lyrics challenge society to look at gender and sex through a different lens.

Immediate Family concludes by turning the concept of family back on the band with the track “Don”. This song is named after Don Mumford, the man who inspired the creation of Mumford’s and its name. This album is meant to carry on the heritage that he left for the world and ensure that his legendary name is never forgotten.


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