Ooooo did the Who’s down in Whoville have a Sousaphone Case?

sousaphonegallery__15580.1375980409.220.220You know all the crazy instruments in the Grinch that the Whos all play while strolling through the Whoville streets to celebrate? Haven’t you ever wondered where they put all those instruments while they are eating or wrapping presents? is there even an instrument case FOR a Seussaphone or rather a sousaphone ;)

My husband, the drummer turned guitarist who hangs all his guitars on our basement wall, he does have a guitar case, too. Although someone painted it with the faces of KISS band members so it’s not something you want to run into in the basement when it’s dark and you’re looking for the socks your toddler just threw down there.

So yes, there are instrument cases for the Whos down in Whoville. They are made with heavy gauge steel ball corners with plywood casing and a die cut foam inside to protect all their fancy music makers. Of course they also all have wheels because they can then ride on the cases while playing their tubas and trumpets and who-sa-whatzits! It will be a magical party, a fantastical holiday shindig and once it is time to sit down and fuel back up they can sit on those sturdy cases and chow down on their roast beast because the thick plastic laminate on the outside will protect the instruments on the inside while also making the instrument case easy to clean.

It’s perfect!