Wingardium Leviosa! Wait that’s not right. #hpgiftguide13

You either love Harry Potter fully or only love the books or maybe you think it’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus (which would be tragic). I for one love both the books and the movies, although I will admit the movies left far too much out in terms of details, but most book to movies do. I absolutely love Hermione. She’s bloody brilliant and the character evolved nicely throughout the series. So it’s super exciting to be able to tell you there is a new Harry Potter Gift Guide out for 2013 AND readers have an opportunity to win a gift bag filled with Harry Potter goodies ($60 value)

Harry Potter 2013 Gift GuideHarry Potter Gift Guide—the ultimate source for magical gift ideas for wizards of all ages this holiday season. The Harry Potter Gift Guide, features the best Harry Potter gifts. From authentic wizarding artifacts and stylish Harry Potter apparel, to premium collectibles, your readers are sure to find the perfect gift for the wizard, witch or Muggle on their list.

Bringing together a collection of products from a host of renowned licensees, including The Noble Collection, MinaLima, Insight Editions, Rubie’s Costume Co., Bioworld, Elope, Hallmark, and more, the Harry Potter Gift Guide offers shoppers the chance to find the perfect gift for their favourite witches and wizards in one place. Harry Potter-inspired products ranging from wizard wear and accessories, to collectibles and home décor, are all available at the click of a mouse.

The Harry Potter Gift Guide was designed by MinaLima, the creative team behind the graphic design aesthetics of the Harry Potter films, including the Marauder’s Map, the Daily Prophet, and The Quibbler. MinaLima, now also a licensee of Warner Bros. Consumer Products as The Printorium, is also featured in the catalogue with their fine art print of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The catalogue is now available at as well as on the official Harry Potter Facebook page,

Harry-Potter-Prize-PackThe giveaway for readers will be a Harry Potter goodie bag filled with items from the gift guide.

• Harry Potter Collectible Wand $39.95
• 2014 Harry Potter Wall Calendar $14.99
• Horcrux Bookmark Collection $34.95

It is a $60 value and we’re super excited about it. Please fill out the rafflecopter tool below to participate. The giveaway will end at 12 am on December 15, 2013. It is open to the US, please no PO boxes.

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44 thoughts on “Wingardium Leviosa! Wait that’s not right. #hpgiftguide13

  1. With Hagrid’s help, Harry prepares for and undertakes his first year of study at Hogwarts. As Harry begins to explore the magical world, the reader is introduced to many of the primary locations used throughout the series. Harry meets most of the main characters and gains his two closest friends: Ron Weasley , a fun-loving member of an ancient, large, happy, but hard-up wizarding family, and Hermione Granger , a gifted and hardworking witch of non-magical parentage.

  2. Oh my gosh! It’s so hard to choose a favorite. Of course, I love Harry but I’m also a big fan of Sirius and Remus. I love their loyalty to Harry.

  3. I love ALL the Harry Potter books but I have to say the last one is my favorite. It ties all the others together in one gripping finale. It moved me the most as the last in the series too, it felt like the end of an era.

  4. My favorite Harry Potter book is the first one because it opened up a brand new world of wonder and introduced us to themes and characters that will live on for generations to come!

  5. i love everything harry potter!!! my favorite book was harry potter and the order of the phoenix but i have read them all multiple times!

  6. Hermione cause she is simply awesome! it’s been awesome to watch all the characters grow up thru the years

  7. Favorite book? That’s like saying you like one of your kids more than the other. I enjoyed them all, but this prize will be for my friend Janice who is a HP wizard.
    Thanks for the contest.

  8. It’s actually possible to choose a favorite?
    If I absolutely had to choose, I’d say Bellatrix Lestrange right this moment, just due to the awesome hair and complete evil insanity. She is who she is and she owns it.

  9. Definitely cannot pick a favorite book because they are all awesome! My favorite character tho has to be Herminone!

  10. I can’t really choose a favorite book. I love them all! Harry Potter is my favorite character.

  11. my favorite movie is prisoner of azkaban. my favorite book is ALL of them, lol, ok really it’s order of the phoenix — just because there are so many things that they left out of the movie! accio brains!!!

  12. I love Hermione!! She is a much better role model for young girls than some of the other young female celebrities!!

  13. I love ALL the books. They are all my favorite for different reasons. I was so sad when the series ended.

  14. The whole family love HP, but my 10 year old son has just finished reading the series! He would be so THRILLED to get these!

  15. My favorite HP book is The Goblet of Fire because of the time spent in the maze! I remember the first time I read it, I wasn’t able to put it down. I was just too excited about all of the riddles and adventures. My favorite character is Luna Lovegood.

  16. I don’t know that I have a favorite book – oh man, that’s hard. Probably the first one, simply because it was something different, but we love them all! Favorite character – I love Professor McGonagall!

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