Some of my recent favorite Kindle books

I took my last Fall 2013 Semester final exam yesterday and so now I’m super excited about all the books I’m going to be able to read. Admittedly though I still read every night while I’m rocking Amelia to sleep. I cuddle with her and hold my iPhone up to screen through the tiny Kindle pages. It’s my 15 minutes per day of absolute peace.

Lately, the books I’ve been reading have been mostly chick-lit. Some of them have been suspenseful, some have been romantic and some have been paranormal in nature, but all of them have been entertaining and because they are Kindle books they are all affordable! These aren’t in any particular order and the authors did not ask me to post about the books or anything. I just felt like sharing some of my enjoyment with you now that I feel more relaxed. No more school until February! Sweet!

Here are some of my recent favorites:

unexpected-giftsUnexpected Gifts (Castle Mountain Lodge, #1) by Elena Aitken

This story is a highly unlikely romantical something in which two people find themselves at a lodge for Christmas, and wow they realize they knew each other from years ago and what a coincidence, right? Colin Hartford and Andi Williams realize they might just have found everything they didn’t know they were looking for when they end up needing to share a villa. Andi, depressed and hating Christmas becomes a challenge for Colin who makes it his duty to show her the magic of Christmas as an adult.

This was a very quick, entertaining read.

It is a holiday love story that did exactly what it was meant to do and that was to put a smile on your face and hope in your heart :)

wetheringthestormWethering the Storm (The Storm, #2) by Samantha Towele

To say the book is smutty is putting it mildly but I enjoyed it. I especially appreciate the way this couple communicate with each other even in their “I hate you” moments because they rise above dark times and come out so sweetly and imperfectly perfect if you know what I mean. I really loved the end like the whole last 100 pages was just so good. I cried and I smiled I just really felt for the characters which is the sign of good writing. But the book is definitely pretty ummm arousing and definitely meant for mature audiences only.

theguardianThe Girl (Guardians #1) by Lola St.Vil

So this book wasn’t rated well by everyone but I liked it so much that I also purchased the rest of the series. It’s about angels on Earth and it’s done in such a way that it isn’t overly religious which I appreciated. The story was really just very well done and original. I don’t want to give away anything, I just highly suggest downloading the first book and reading it if you like anything “other wordly” it’s geared towards young adults but I still liked it. The only thing was the lead character kept wavering between being an annoying complainer to being a stubborn tough girl who actually wanted to help herself and her friends, so… you might find parts of her inner dialogue a bit whiny.

buriedsecretsBuried Secrets by Emme Rollins

Wow! This book was crazy intense and just plain crazy all throughout. Talk about a monster story! I’ve not read anything so gory that was done in an effective way. Usually gory means it’s written poorly and only meant to be gross. This author handled the descriptions well. Even the most minimal details of finding a pair of glasses broken at the bridge before Dusty and Shane happen upon their friends dead bodies.

I love how the story incorporated timely
Environmental elements like the chemicals involved in fracking. The description of the sustainable cabin was amazing I want to visit this imaginary place so badly.

The story was tragic and devastating but also informative and eye opening. The kind of story to put questions in your head and make you wonder.

midnightbrunchMidnight Brunch at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

This is the second in the Casa Dracula series and I loved it oh so much better than the first.

Even during the one slow point when Milagro was meandering aimlessly in life thinking she needed to be cured and not wanting anyone to touch her I still loved the way this story was shaping up.

Oswald and Milagro are such the oddly perfect couple. Although they are also the safe couple for those who root for her to hook up with Ian.

Edna made a much more pleasant appearance in this book as well. I grew to be quite find of her and I continued to be quite find of Gabriel.

One character I never understood and very much disliked was Thomas Cook, even if he did have hot chocolate breath.

In short I’m psyched for the next in the series and am sure I’ll be just as entertained. I love when I can slip into a good book and lose myself for a wee bit.