Addicted to Facebook Chat Stickers

stickersIt’s time I confess something to all of you. It’s pretty weird.

I am obsessed with Facebook stickers.

frozenSeriously, I really like them. Whomever is busy crafting these cute, sometimes gross (like the vomit face my husband just sent me), always very clever…well I applaud you because I think they are fantastic. I wish I could send them in posts and  not just in the private messages because I would. I would so do that all the time and people would be like “Where are you getting all those cool images?” And I would say, “Oh they are Facebook stickers and they are adorbs!”

The new Lego Mini Figures are animated and very fun. They have a new set of Disney Frozen stickers, too. Love them!

So there you have it, Facebook Sticker Lover right here.

Don’t judge!