Shameful, criminal scandal again plaguing Penn State

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23626989dcabe3c984572bb76f5201a0I know the readers of this blog come here to read light, entertaining pieces on movies and music. Typically that is what I write about because it is what I enjoy. However, this news upset me enough to want to speak up and I am going to do so. I took a class at the University of Delaware with Dr. Julie Wilgen called the Foundations of Human Sexuality. During this class we discussed many topics but one of them was regarding “rape culture.” It opened by eyes to so much and most importantly has taught me to stand up against this type of behavior.

I recently, commented on a Chicago Tribune article which discusses the Penn State Kappa Delta Rho Chapter scandal which is currently unfolding. Although the State College police said they first fielded the complaint January 18.

I commented as “ConcernedGal” but then I decided to post the comment here on my blog because I am not afraid to state my beliefs and will not hide behind a username.

This is the article on which I commented:

Penn State seeks frat members who posted nude photos on Facebook

This is what I said, “First, I believe there are many benefits to fraternities and sororities and am in no way suggesting they shouldn’t exist. Second, I do not feel this story is a “war on fraternities.” I feel this story exemplifies the very nature of the rape culture we live in here in the US. It’s not fraternities, it’s not sororities, it’s not “Greek” it’s society as a whole. We as a society enable, excuse, and even encourage this type of behavior when we ignore it or do not do something about it. Whether your are male, female or transgender, whether you are gay or straight, no one deserves to have nude photos taken of them them without their consent and have them posted in a public forum. No one. If this is something they were comfortable posting publicly then imagine what they did behind closed doors privately to those women. These women were defamed and victimized. They should all be consulted and advised to press charges. The students in this fraternity should be expelled at best, suspended if the school is lenient.”

According to the article, “The fraternity’s national executive director, Joe Rosenberg, told the Penn State chapter in a letter that it would be banned from most activities for the near future and must reorganize.”

Mr. Rosenberg, you should ban the entire Penn State Kappa Delta Rho Chapter from everything indefinitely and it saddens me to hear you respond in such careful, politically correct way to these students.

What these students did was wrong and there is no gray area here. Every member of that Facebook group should be ashamed of themselves. Every member of that fraternity chapter deserves to be expelled. Whether they posed the girls, whether they took the photos or not, they all knew what was happening. Silence is acceptance. I do not see how any can accept this behavior. Their chapter should be disbanded. The school should expel them and every one of those girls should press criminal charges.