Oh for you, I’d lose it all – Budapest

csdWeAllWin-avatarThis is going to seem like an odd start, but I’m a co-chair for the Christina School District Referendum Steering Committee along with the lovely Ms. Central West. She is a Grandma to students at Stubbs Elementary. I am a parents of three kiddos, two of which are at Keene Elementary.

In addition to trying to lead discussions and forums I’m also creating many of the communication pieces. I’m an Interactive Media Design major, well, I was for my Associate Degree, so it’ great to be back to designing something.

I created a video using still photos from all our schools and programs and I put it up on YouTube using music from The Script featuring will.i.am.  You can (and should) watch it here because I for one think it’s quite inspiring. Not that I made it, but that these students, every single one of them, are all amazing. Which leads me to this blog post, trying to get back to my music roots because after creating that video I realize how much I missed music and how therapeutic it is for me.

When I first started scrink.com it was mostly to talk about music. I’ve been writing more serious posts lately and they are all critically important to me so I put them up here online even if the audience who usually reads this came here looking for music.

So for you,  my fellow music lovers, let’s talk George Ezra.

I’d like to pretend I know why George Ezra has this deep voice that doesn’t sound at all British but I can’t. He is an English singer-songwriter and he has a very unique voice which I’m digging.  He is 21 years old, born in the UK, signed by Columbia House and Sony already. How does that happen? As far as I know he only has one LP album and it is called Wanted on Voyage. So check him out, he’s pretty awesome. I hope you like what you here.

From: www.georgeezra.com
From: www.georgeezra.com

This song “Budapest” is my current “TURN UP THE VOLUME” track while I’m driving around like a maniac with the kids. My daughter, Amelia, does a really fascinating wiggle dance while listening.

P.S. If you are local to be and live int he Christina School District go out on May 27 too VOTE YES for the operating referendum. There are 17,000 students counting in you!