Suffer A Witch: To suffer or to soar? #giveaway

When I can’t sleep I read, but sometimes I am involved in books that are so captivating that I want to read the story during any free moment I find. Claudia Hall Christian is an author who writes that kind of book. Her latest release is called “Suffer A Witch” and it takes places in Salem Village circa 1692. Fans of Claudia have know about this book for awhile now and she has shared the first seven chapters for free as she has been writing.

So I love everything witches and most definitely have always been interested in the Salem Witch trials. There were more than 200 people falsely accused of practicing witchcraft and were tried in 1692 in Massachusetts. It was a time of irrational fears when people were constantly worrying about the devil infiltrating their communities. We all know what happens when we let our fears get the best of us.

Here is a quick synapsis of her new book from her website:


They call her “Em.” Em for Martha. Em for “Emogene Peres” the name she received in Boston less than a day after she’d been hanged in Salem Village in September 1692. Em and most of those hanged as Salem Witches were transformed into immortal witches only a few hours after they were deemed Salem Witches. Three hundred and twenty-two years later, they live, work, and love in modern day Boston, Massachusetts where Em runs a spiritual store called the Mystic Divine, just off the Boston Commons.

On the anniversary of the first hanging, June 10, 2014, Em learns that a young man and a team of ghost hunters have dedicated themselves to finding the crevice where the Salem Twenty’s bodies were stuffed after hanging. The problem is that Em and the rest of the Salem Twenty are making full use of those skeletons. What starts with a young man with big ideas brings the Salem Witches face to face with their demons.

I’m excited to share that Claudia Hall Christian has offered one of our readers the chance to win the book. So the idea I cam up with to get everyone in the spirit is to have you think about what you would do if you were a witch. Specifically, if you had special witchy powers, what would you do to advocate for good in the world?

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5 thoughts on “Suffer A Witch: To suffer or to soar? #giveaway

  1. Finnegan says “The power to make people fly” and he feels that power in an of itself is good. (He’s 6 years old). Amelia says she would want her power to be “Hello Kitty” that’s all she gave me. (She’s 2 years old). My husband would like to have the power to be able to give someone else a power should they need it.

  2. If I had witchy abilities I would love to be able to heal people . Physically and emotionally. Too may people suffer today from depression, Alzheimer’s PTSD, etc. I love Claudia’s books and would love to have a copy to add to my library! Thanks for the chance .

  3. If I were a witch – I’d protect those who need it, even if it meant nasty consequences for those who bully. And I mean really, really nasty.

  4. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! I love Claudia’s books.
    If i had a witch power I would want it to be the ability to see into the future so that I could help to change things to come for the better.

  5. I would love to have the witch power to do things with just a nod or a snap of my fingers….. my house would look SO much better :)

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