A band named Tancred cannot be ‘power pop’

tancredThe new album from Tancred, Out of the Garden, is now available in stores and online!

They call it power pop. I was excited. I wanted to get pumped up, feel empowered, some sort of energy, it made me feel more somber than anything else. I was taken back to freshmen year in high school when Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes played “Romeo and Juliet.” Do Now I know I’m dating myself, but whatever, sometimes you hear music and it takes your back in time. That’s how my brain works. It’s like an archived soundtrack of life events. When I pulled up Tancred’s streaming playlist and listened to “It’s Not Likely” I found myself sitting on the pink carpet of my old bedroom wallowing in some sort of teenage drama listening to the soundtrack of what was supposed to be a hip, modern version of Romeo & Juliet. The soundtrack had tracks from Garbage and Everclear, One Inch Punch and Radiohead.

Now you know where Tancred stands in my realm of genre-ized music labels by back-in-time comparisons and I wouldn’t call it power pop. Maybe it’s alternative rock? It’s not bad. It’s not great. Either way I hope  you listen and find out for yourself!


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