Gray. It’s usually a gray issue. Not one, not the other, but both.

Don't define your your world in black & white.

musketThe power of the National Rifle Association exists because of the money they put into politics, into the pockets and campaigns of legislators who vote and create policy in our country. Please recall that the 2nd amendment was crafted in 1789 and was influenced by the 1689 English Bill of Rights. When it was written and the writers were oiling their muskets by candle light, the right to keep and bear arms meant a VERY different thing than it does now. Automatic weapons that fire rounds of bullets in mere seconds were never meant to be in civilian hands. Of course I believe people have the right to defend themselves. If someone wants to safely own a gun that is their prerogative, but why does it have to be a weapon of mass destruction?

I also don’t feel that removing God from schools is the issue. My children still pledge allegiance to our country under God each morning with their hand over their heart. My children know they can pray to themselves whenever they feel compelled to do so. I also think it is okay to learn about different religions, but it is not okay to force one on a group of students who are not all practicing the same religion or praying to the same God. So I understand why practicing religion is not part of a public school curriculum.

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All of you who are friends with me already know how I feel about guns. And I haven’t written anything about the shooting which happened this week, which is unlike me. But it hurts. I cannot imagine being the person to get that call. Being the first responder on the scene, the spouse of a teacher in the school or the parent of a student and getting that phone call.

Let me just say that I know the person pulling the trigger is the killer, not the gun. I believe that anyone who raises a gun to purposefully kill people is mentally unwell and needs to be treated. What I don’t understand is even debatable is why we are allowing individuals to purchase guns that have a standard of nine rounds a second.

Do you know there are MILLIONS of AR-15 guns owned in the US? The shooting in Orlando at the nightclub 24 shots in 9 seconds. The Las Vegas shooting at the concert about 90 shots in 10 seconds. Do you see what I mean here? Why is it necessary for anyone to own a weapon with that kind of firing power? I am not against the right to carry. I am not against someone owning a gun, collecting guns, etc. Personally, I do not want to own one or be near one, but I don’t want to take that right from anyone else. So please do not tell me that it’s the person, not the gun, because it is BOTH.

Yes, I believe mass shooters have a mental illness of some kind, but you can’t make them get help, you can’t, you can however ban guns which would allow them to kill multiple people faster than I typed this post.

Oh and one more thing, if having teachers carry guns is the solution you feel is best, then you sure as heck better start paying them A LOT MORE and finding a way to 100% ensure the guns remain out of reach of any children.