All my ladies listen up

Fifth Harmony Boss Image from MTV

Sounds like it’s going to be an empowering post, right? I mean the title seems pretty badass.

YouTube for kids logoNah, I mean as I am typing this my 6-year-old is watching YouTube on her tablet. Supposedly, the YouTube Kids version of the app. And yet here she is bobbing her head to Meghan Trainor singing all about “NO, NO, NO.” YouTube for Kids my child is already well acquainted with the word “NO” but I suppose this is better than her watching an adult record herself playing with dolls with a high pitched squealy voice which cannot possibly be real. 45 seconds in and I’m begging my daughter to switch bac to Meghan Trainor.



This sounds like Fifth Harmony.

I pledge allegiance to my independent girls in here, ooh baby
So if you’re with us, come on let me hear you say, yeah, yeah, yeah

Alright, I see you YouTube (for kids) you really are attempting to empower my child. Right? If Demi Lovato’s “Confident” comes on next it will be the absolute clincher.

I will say that YouTube claims the following with regard to the version geared for kids…

“The app provides a version of the service oriented towards children, with curated selections of content, parental control features, and filtering of videos not deemed to be appropriate to the target audience.”

YouTube, time to send your curator to professional development about what is age appropriate for children.

Yes, I am very much aware that I just spent the last 7 minutes typing this instead of taking the tablet from my daughter. She’ll be fine. She hears all this on mainstream radio, too. And let’s face it, she hears independent woman, hear me roar, mantras from me as well.

Moving on.