Queen of the Jungle, yes, Beyonce

Baby Lion from Lion King Movie

Beyoncé as the voice for lioness Nala is absolutely perfect, because everything about her is majestic. I’m super psyched about his movie!

Seeing this come through my news feed also brought me back to a fabulous time in my life when I had the honor of seeing a portion of The Lion King Broadway production. When Braeden and I had a chance to visit the White House in 2014.

It was surreal. Plus, I had a chance to take a pic of Brae with some of the cast after their performance.

Braeden with Broadway Cast of The Lion King
Braeden with Broadway Cast of The Lion King at The White House in 2014

Rafiki: It is time!

In other Beyoncé related news, Netflix has announced the re-release of her 2001 TV movie, Carmen: A Hip Hopera. The announcement explains that Carmen: A Hip Hopera will stream for the entire month of June, and is a part of a “rotation of throwback films” Netflix will be featuring throughout the year in an effort to expose and stream more classic Black films.