This redhead is feeling out of the loop

Figure I should try and get more posts out this week before I go back to school next week. Yes, for some reason I have a brilliant idea that taking a 5-week accelerated graduate level course for my masters is a good idea. We’ll see how I feel when it is completed on July 12.

So, raise your hand if you’re a Sammy Hagar fan?

Please tell me that you have stayed more in the loop than I have, because before this precise hour of today I had no clue what Sammy Hagar & The Circle was all about. I mean obviously we all know Sammy’s affiliation with Van Halen, that’s a given and most of us know the Red Rocker’s connect with Chickenfoot, but where did The Circle come from?

The Circle’s debut studio album “Space Between” has launched and the band is touring. Listen to the album here.

According to the email us “redheads” receive, “the debut album entered the Billboard 200 at #4, making it Sammy’s first non-Van Halen/Chickenfoot Top 10 effort on the U.S. charts!”

In other equally exciting news, Santo Fino Blanco, an “old world” style tequila crafted by Sammy and Guy Fieri will be available to purchase soon. *drool* I’m such a tequila girl. Super psyched to try this out since my favorite tequila BY FAR is Cabo Wabo which was also crafted by Sammy Hagar.