XBOX gamers, Microsoft has a deal for you


In celebration of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the biggest video game event of the year, Microsoft has shared that Xbox One X consoles will be $100 off, Xbox One S bundles will be $50 off, and hundreds of Xbox One games will be on sale beginning June 7 and lasting until June 17.

Microsoft is also releasing a new “Fortnite”-inspired bundle that includes a special Xbox One S with a black and purple gradient, and some extra V-bucks to use in game. I’m not sure if Fortnite is quite as huge nowadays since so many other creators hopped on the battle royale type of gaming. The most popular (outside of Fortnite) being Apex Legends, but there is also Blackout, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Ring of Elysium, Realm Royale and the Minecraft Survival games. I’m sure there are others out there, too.

Fortnite Xbox