Kids when you are in the bathroom no privacy for the mamaAfter starting a new medicine yesterday, I felt really, really sick. Like “going to throw up, get out of my way” sick, but I knew I had to calm down and and give the medicine time to absorb and work. So I decided to try and relax in a bath. Of course, for those of you who know me or who know what it is like to be a single Mom, getting a bath or shower (or really doing anything) in the bathroom is often not so relaxing. Whether you end up seeing your child’s fingers wiggling under the door frame or you hear them hovering outside the door, often there are interruptions. While my boys are old enough to know better (usually) my daughter is still young and she doesn’t really “get” the whole need for privacy.

However, she is pretty amazing and last night I’m really happy I didn’t turn her away when she came knocking.