I’d wear goggles that make me look awake

Bart Simpon and subliminal messaging

Glasses that make you look awakeIt’s Thursday, a work day, but also a Summer vacation day for the kids. I still have to wake them up early and drive them over to my parents so that I can go to work. (Thank God for my parents being close by and available to watch the kids!)

Finn (10) is, of course, exhausted after having spent far too long watching YouTube last night even after I thought I had disabled the WiFi at 10 p.m. I’m going to need to check in on that for tonight. So I asked Finn how would he fix the situation of getting up early. He explained that parents should get summer break, too, so they can stay home with their kids. While this sounds amazing, I don’t see it happening anytime soon or ever. So, I ask Finn how he thinks he can implement that change. He said he’d become President of the United States and make it happen.

The conversation from moving forward was pretty much amazing, in my opinion. I think we may have figured out how President Trump has been getting through his current time at the helm. You’ll have to watch/listen to really understand what I mean, but basically it involves goggles that make you look away and subliminal messaging.


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