Name that song, before Roblox cycles to another one #WorldOfWalker

Alan Walker Darkside album art

Turns out Roblox is more than just obby games or survival situations with lego-like characters. Finnegan was playing a “murder mystery” themed game and he got super excited. I thought he was winning or something, but no, it as the soundtrack to the game which has him pumped up. He actually ran over to our Google Home and asked it to play a song named “Dark Side,” but the song Google chose was no the correct one.

What’s a mom to do? My kids know how important music is to me; it’s therapy. So, I had him turn it up and I tried to get my phone to decipher the song. That didn’t work either, but I think it is due to the other background noise in the game.

So then all I could do was keep listening whenever the song repeated in the Roblox murder mystery playlist cycle du jour.

It took me a little bit of time to grab a string of lyrics both unique, and long enough, to figure out the name.

The suspense is killing you isn’t it?

That’s what a murder mystery is all about, haven’t you seen Clue!?

Alan WalkerThere you go, “Darkside” by Alan Walker. Fun fact: Alan Walker is also known as DJ Walkzz Walkzz. He’s apparently very well known overseas. Walker is a Norwegian DJ and producer who has a net worth of $15 million. What!?

Admittedly, the song is catchy, but the lyrics are less than positive, especially for a ten-year-old.

Fall into the dark side
Give into the dark side
Let go of the light

This track features Au/Ra and Tomine Harket. I’d like to say, I have never heard of Alan Walker, Au/Ra or Tommine Harket, so hey maybe Roblox has a bit more to offer than hopping from object to object because the floor is lava. :D