The Kids Are Alright

Jared Colinger 

Jared Colinger The Enigmatic Foe is the work of Knoxville-based songwriter and musician, Jared Colinger.

The tunes on his upcoming new album The Original Plan (July 30th) often remind of a melancholy Andy Partridge of XTC, which is, frankly, a quality we all need to hear about in music more often.

Essentially, Colinger’s pop tunes are wrapped in just enough self-awareness to be relatable, and just enough sadness to land.

“The Kids Are Alright” lyrics nod to Squeeze’s Difford & Tilbrook. RIYL: XTC, Empire of The Sun, Tahiti 80, Starflyer 59. “The Original Plan” album arrives July 30th.

Check out “The Kids Are Alright,” the first single from the upcoming The Original Plan by The Enigmatic Foe by streaming from Spotify below.

“I have no personal experience with being divorced or having kids,” Jared Colinger says of the song’s theme. “I’m not sure what possessed me to write from this perspective. Maybe listening to Squeeze and the songs of Difford & Tilbrook had an impact. It may have been written out of fear, as I was concerned my lyrical inspirations would suffer from being in a positive relationship. I tried to make the father figure be a sympathetic character and to keep the kids as the central focus, while his world is collapsing around him.”

Track Listing:

01. Simulacrum
02. The Kids Are Alright
03. Young Man’s Game
04. Ms. Fortune and Her Mate
05. The Suffering Art
06. Too Much Fun
07. It’s Not Who You Are
08. That Would Be Fun
09. Ninety-Nine Percent
10. Come and Go
11. Pavlovian Cement
12. Darkness and Light
13. Two Strong Words
14. Genesis