Family Flick: The Mitchells vs the Machines

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

The Mitchells vs the Machines is a great movie. We ordered pizza, my oldest son went to pick it up at Riveria, a local mom & pop shop we love, and we all sat down to watch this new flick.

Abbi Jackson is the voice for the leading lady in this animated delight. She speaks for Katie Mitchell, the self-proclaimed “weird” filmmaker heading to college. She has fabulous maroon hair, black squared glasses, a thunderbolt earring, and a bold red jacket. She feels that film school is where she will find her people.


You might also recognize her voice from the Angry Birds Movie 2, she voiced Stella. In Angry Birds, Stella is portrayed as a princess that has no prince, with an emphasis on the fact that she doesn’t need one.

I absolutely love the family’s pet pug Monchi. Adorable and a good sport, he’s the leading role in most of Katie’s short films. His eyes are always crossed, but that does not stop him from traveling across the country with his family as they take Katie to college. Talk about a crazy family round trip!

The kids and I have watched it three times so far, but after the first watching, I did a quick write-up on The Painted Lines.

Right off the bat, my daughter, the youngest of our crew at 8-years-old was laughing. I smiled to myself thinking, “This is good, look at us, we’re eating pizza together on a Friday night and enjoying ourselves as a family” At that point it didn’t matter if the movie ended up terrible, it was already a win for this mama.

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I saw this tweet the other day with Katie’s bedroom design and I love it so much!