Finn & Christy go LIVE

Finn's Friends are back

As you likely know if you’re a repeat read on, I have three kids.

My middle child, #MyBestFinn, and I have recently started a vlog of sorts.

We have two episodes done and are preparing a third for this coming Friday.

We live-streamed the first two which was pretty exciting.

I have to say, he did a phenomenal job. He sat up in his room while I sat in the family room. We used something called I had a lot of fun marketing it to our friends and family. We enjoyed seeing people viewing it and sharing their comments. He’s such a cool kiddo and he has great insight. Plus, when we spoke about Friends and the Friends Reunion on HBO Max it was just awesome. He’s a huge fan of Friends and you could tell. He is the King of Friends trivia!

To make it easier to find, I figured I’d start a playlist on YouTube.

Give it a watch, hit that subscribe button, and next time we go live you will be alerted!

P.S. it will probably be Friday nights!