The iCarly reboot is 15 days away!

Miranda Cosgrove

“iCarly” is logging on again for a Paramount+ reboot, streaming June 17.

In the first trailer, released Tuesday, the new series picks up 10 years after the old series ended.

“Welcome to the new ‘iCarly,'” Carly tells viewers on her show-within-a-show. We see an all-grown-up Carly (Miranda Cosgroves) is back shooting the show (now on a smartphone) with cameraman Freddie (Nathan Kress), brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) and new best friend Harper (Laci Mosley).

The iCarly reboot is super exciting, I know my oldest son loved the show as a kid. I could even be found enjoying an episode or two every now and again. But the show isn’t going to include Carly’s best friend Puckett. Will it feel strange? Possibly? Will they use throwback material that includes her? Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy, the actress who played Sam, is no longer an actress. Instead, she is focusing on other parts of her life like singing and directing. Sounds like a plan, Sam.

Where has Cosgrove been?

Miranda Cosgrove was only 10 years old with her film debut as Summer Hathaway in School of Rock (2003). So she ended up taking some time away from acting, like McCurdy,  after iCarly and Drake & Josh. In fact, she went to study psychology at the University of Southern California. She also produced and hosted Mission Unstoppable, a CBS Saturday-morning show that showcases female engineers, mathematicians, and astronauts doing all sorts of world-changing stuff. How awesome is that!?

Cosgrove’s former older brother from Drake & Josh, Josh Peck, has been doing YouTube videos for a while now, and a lot of fans were certainly excited to enjoy a little nostalgia when they did a video together.

Who is returning for the reboot?

Fortunately, Spencer and Freddie will be joining Carly again as friend and brother. Plus she will have her new bestie Harper. Harper is played by Laci Mosley and is not meant to be a replacement for Sam. Apparently, there are trolls out there who are harassing Mosley essentially taking issue with her being a Black woman. Seriously, the audacity of the remarks is baffling. I cannot comprehend it and my heart goes out to Mosley and I’m grateful t read that the iCarly cast has her back. This show and these characters have the potential to really be allies for the Black and Brown community and I hope they do.

I hope the show kicks ass, but I’m a little bit nervous because the iCarly crew has not had much success over the last ten years. Hopefully, this reboot will do the trick.


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