But you’re Half a World Away

Max Vangeli is best known for his house music productions and collaboration with Swedish DJ and record producer Antoine Josefsson, better known as AN21. Ampium is the fresh new face out of Adelaide, South Australia delivering regular vibrant doses of progressive house music.

The newly released summer track “Half A World Away” includes vocals explaining the story of a disappearing lover, and is a great example of when two producers’ sounds really compliment each other. The catchy grooves and drums from Vangeli blend well with Ampium’s “good summer feel” progressive house sound! With the addition of sounds such as an acoustic guitar, this track is definitely an awesome product from the two.

When Vangeli isn’t working in the studio or DJing, he is working hard managing NoFace Records, an independent electronic music label. He has also created and is managing space for the next generation of electronic music producers to learn beginner and advanced music production from industry artists, branding and marketing from NoFace A&R, and more through the NoFace Academy.

So glad I gave this track a listen, because I love it and will definitely be including it in my personal summer music playlist.