Brood X has had enough sex

Does anyone else think the cicadas need to go back in their burrows for 17 more years? At first, I was nearly mesmerized by the sounds and the sights of these insects, but now I’m over it. Seriously, they are everywhere! I live in Delaware, and we can hear the […]

Magical treehouses on AirBnb

Have you ever wanted to escape the day-to-day parts of life? Like the stress and the noise and the chores? I’m sure you have. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live in a treehouse? So that one might not be for everyone, but I have […]

The ominous sounds of Megan Wyler’s upcoming album

You’re going to love singer/songwriter Megan Wyler’s voice if you haven’t heard her already. She has announced her first new album in eight years Upside Now, to be released July 9, 2021. Further down in this post you will see a link to “pre-save” the album, woot woot! Wyler has […]