Brood X has had enough sex

Does anyone else think the cicadas need to go back in their burrows for 17 more years?

At first, I was nearly mesmerized by the sounds and the sights of these insects, but now I’m over it.

Seriously, they are everywhere!

I live in Delaware, and we can hear the cicadas chirping at each other 24/7, it sounds like an alarm going off, and it never stops.

They are flying into things; they are all over the trees, the fence, the windows; it’s unbelievable.

When I go out towards the fence of my tiny little property, seriously, my backyard is 19ft by 22ft; maybe, there are hundreds of tiny cicada holes in the ground. I see their husks, and in some cases, I see their dead bodies because I guess they keeled over while mating. Who knows?

But I’m ready for them to go because my dog is eating them, and while I know they are not toxic, I also know she throws up their wings and legs on my carpet, and I CANNOT SEE IT ANYMORE!

My friend, Katie Young, recently wrote an article about these cicadas, you can check it out on UDaily.

Curious what they sound like? Turn up the volume on this video, be warned, it’s not pleasant. When I stand outside for too long, it actually starts to hurt my ears.

Here are some photos I took recently.


Have you seen any cicadas where you live? Let me know?