This is NOT a new climate change concept

Stop collaborate and listen

Is anyone else completely confused about this “new” report?

It’s not new.

Anyone with half a grain of common sense knows this.

“The world needs to treat warming and biodiversity loss as two parts of the same problem, a new report warns.” That is a quote from a recent New York Times article entitled “Our Response to Climate Change is Missing Something.”

Tell me that is a new revelation?

You can’t tell me that, because it’s not.

Any environmental scientist who is shocked by this “new” report needs to take a big flying leap out from under the rock they’ve been hiding under.

Okay, okay, okay, I’m not a scientist and I shouldn’t sit here acting like I know everything when I absolutely do not know everything. But, I’m not sorry for being snarky, because it needs to be said. I work in academia and there are hundreds of brilliant minds and even more minds who are being molded and developed in those institutions, but it is happening in bubbles and silos. We can’t learn that way, not effectively. We must find better ways to collaborate and encourage cross-research.

Sorry, now I’ll get off my soapbox.

That is all.


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