A Misadventure with Diana DeMuth

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Diana DeMuth Photo credit: John Huba

For Diana DeMuth, who struggled with ADD growing up, songs were her doorway into prose and fiction. Her debut album Misadventure reads like a novel, with each song an illuminating chapter of DeMuth’s life. What she’s created is a musical tapestry of what it’s like to go through the cycle of losing yourself, fumbling in the dark and ultimately finding your way.

This week she shares a video for her single “Photographs” that provides an introspective look into a love DeMuth’s romance with a woman that dwindled out. The face-to-face and heavy-hearted video shows DeMuth and her once-partner in the midst of a final goodbye and last embrace, closing out this chapter of their story together. Nicolas Sutton Bell (The Lumineers, Jeremiah Fraites) directed the video and invoked powerful visual metaphors to convey the intense emotions of the single.

DeMuth says, “Photographs is a very personal song for me. It’s about being in love with another woman – but I think the message rings true to any and all kinds of relationships. It’s really about having the courage to love someone, no matter what they are on the outside, and how these kinds of rare loves can fall to ruins and leave haunting pictures tattooed in your mind’s eye.”


Director Nicolas Sutton Bell says, “With this video, I really wanted to portray the intimacy of the lyrics through the visuals. We thought it would be powerful to see two lovers facing off and letting the viewer place their own backstory on them. Diana carries the connection and history of these two lovers in the most amazing way, ending on the tears of truly letting a past love go.”


01. Hotel Song
02. Into My Arms
03. Rose of Nantucket
04. The Young & The Blind
05. Steady Rolling
06. Signs
07. Photographs
08. All The Liars
09. Ivory White
10. Already Gone

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