Last week, Netflix launched, an eCommerce site for branded merch. Imagine all the Netflix series that exist, like Stranger Things, as an example. The new Netflix shop will sell exclusive, limited-edition merch for shows like my fave Stranger Things or Money Heist, The Witcher, etc.

  • Old flix: Netflix already has licensing deals with retailers for apparel based on its original shows.
  • New flix: This is Netflix’s first owned-and-operated retail shop to sell products directly to us. It could become a top destination for super fans.

Unfortunately, I just tried to go to the Netflix shop and check it out but was immediately told by my browser that it wasn’t secure.

The connection for this site is not secure!

Netflix saw explosive growth last year as we hibernated with laptops and ramen. But that led to subscription saturation (#subscripturation) — and slowing growth. Since Netflix relies almost purely on subscription bucks as they do not show commercials, a merch store can boost their revenue as they are faced with more and more streaming rivals.

This is what the New York Times says about the shop, apparently, they had luck viewing it.

I’d love to tell you what they offer, but I can’t get to the site. Fail, Netflix, fail.