Sensitive Groups, debut album from Kath Myers

Kath Myers

Sensitive Groups Album Cover ArtI love this newly released single from Kath Myers! My first listen turned into a repeat worthy jam session this morning. Lucky You is such a great song, do not be fooled by the slow, somber opening because your toes will be moving, and your head will be bobbing before you hit the minute marker.

My eight-year-old daughter says she really likes the guitar. I have to agree. The guitar is stellar in this particular track. I’m dancing in my seat, literally, while typing this, and I look at my 12-year-old, “Do you feel it?” He gives me the side-eye, and in a very pre-teen way, says, “Gah, I just feel you” because I am shaking the whole sofa at this point.

The songs on Sensitive Groups were written over the past five years, but Myers started recording them at the beginning of the weird, strange glow of 2020 with Aaron Stern in his Glassell Park garage studio. Most of the album was recorded there, in an untreated garage, with just a few simple mics and some fab players.

Michael Villiers on drums, Dillon Casey on guitar/pedal steel/keys, Juan Salzano, Matt LaRocca and Jason Roberts on more guitars, SieSie Benhoff on BVs, and Aaron Stern on bass, keys, co-production, and even more guitar. I think you will find the instrumentation on this album is quite enjoyable.

Brave and bold

While you’re listening, it becomes quite apparent that Myers has zero fucks to give as her lyrics are explicit on social boundaries. The world keeps spinning, and people will continue living their lives whether they feel psychologically vulnerable or not. It’s evident with this debut that she’s a success at writing off-beat yet catchy pop songs.

Myers shares that she would not have been able to release this album had she not gotten sober.

“I really don’t think that this record would have been made if I didn’t get sober,” Myers relates. “I was so crippled with fear and self-doubt that I just didn’t think it would have happened.”

It’s courageous and bold to be so open about these internal battles, and I respect the acknowledgement.

What’s Lucky You about?

“This song is about love addiction and the addiction to fantasy,” release Myers. “And about how we can get so caught up in fantasies about people we hardly know. And how we then get upset when this person does not live up to the insane image of them that we have created in our brain.”

When can I get it?

The 9-track album releases in its entirety next week on June 25th. Make sure to grab it up to support this new Los Angeles musician, Kath Myers!

I think it will be an album you legit listen to all the way through each time.