This morning I was super stoked to see American Authors releasing new music with their single “Nice and Easy.” Then I saw their new single features Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray. Suddenly, I found myself making the same face McGrath made in that terrible real-life version of Scooby-Doo. Eck. That’s so judgemental of me, I’m sorry, he just creeps me out now. You know it’s funny, because I actually saw Sugar Ray in concert back in the day, haha. He shared the stage with Shaggy at Kahunaville in Wilmington, Delaware when I was in college. While I’m happy to say “those were the days” I’m also happy to say I no longer listen to that music.

Nice and Easy took it’s sweet time

Since forming at Berklee College of Music in Boston during 2006, American Authors have become embedded in both popular music and culture. After grinding it out independently, they dropped their debut album, Oh, What A Life, in 2014 on Island Records. It eventually went gold and yielded the triple-platinum anthem “Best Day of My Life.” My kids and I have had the pleasure of seeing American Authors in concert. It was an awesome concert back when they released “Best Day of My Life.” My oldest loved that song when it came out, we definitely played it on the regular.

The laidback single takes a break from the chaos of the last year and reminds listeners to cut themselves some slack. “It’s been a really hard year and ‘Nice And Easy’ is a reminder to slow it down and get back to the basics of living life to your full potential,” says lead vocalist/guitarist Zac Barnett.

The new song is also a toast to new beginnings for the band, who are releasing the single independently and have begun producing their music on their own from top-to-bottom. Entirely crafted by the band themselves, it kicks off their fresh chapter with boisterous horn-powered production, handclaps, and sunny inspiring lyrics. Zac trades verses with McGrath before the chantable chorus rings out with the ultimate upbeat mantra, “I’m gonna kick back, just relax, enjoy the summer breeze and slow it down just for now, take it nice and easy.”

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