The Beast Must Die & other new series on AMC+

This July, AMC Networks’ targeted streaming services will bring viewers an extensive catalogue of compelling dramas, fan-favorite franchises, highly-anticipated films and timely collections.

This Monday, July 5, the gripping six-part revenge thriller AMC+ original series “The Beast Must Die”will air. The show stars BAFTA Award-winning actor Jared Harris (ChernobylMad Men) and Cush Jumbo OBE (The Good WifeThe Good Fight). After learning the police investigation into the fatal hit and run of her young son Martie has been dropped, Frances Cairnes (Jumbo) takes matters into her own hands.

As a mama, I can totally imagine the mama bear moment I would have should I ever be faced with such a traumatic situation.

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Next up on AMC+ will be

The North Water (AMC+ Original)The world premiere of The North Water beginning Thursday, July 15.

The North Water is a five-part drama starring BAFTA-winner Jack O’Connell (Unbroken, Godless), Golden Globe®-winning actor Colin Farrell (In Bruges, True Detective), and SAG Award-winner Stephen Graham (Line of Duty, Boardwalk Empire), in this haunting, immersive drama based on the critically acclaimed, best-selling novel by Ian McGuire, and adapted and directed by Andrew Haigh (45 Years, Looking). Set in the ice floes of the Arctic in the late 1850s, the series tells the story of Patrick Sumner (O’Connell), a disgraced ex-army surgeon who signs up as the ship’s doctor on a whaling expedition to the Arctic. The ferocity of the elements is matched by the violence of his crewmates, particularly Henry Drax (Farrell), a harpooner and distinctly brutal force of nature.

You might not know this about me, but when I was in college (the first time) I always said I would buy myself a boat when I graduate. Yes, I was young, naive and financially foolish. Boats are expensive and terrible investments, but I truly wanted to have a boat and live on it and somehow survive in the open seas. So, shows like this get me curious.

These two new shows on AMC+ are definitely piquing my interest. It’s exciting to see streaming platforms offering new, original material. I just wish I could keep up with all of them and still continue to buy groceries.