“Body of Water” the new album from Dolphin Midwives

Sage Elaine Fisher is an American composer, performer and sound artist.  She is best known for her performance project, Dolphin Midwives, which abstracts voice, harp and percussion using electronics, extended techniques and ritual processes. Yes, you heard that right, harps! It’s not every day that you receive new music to check out and find that harps are a prominent instrument in the track. The sound is one I’d call ambient, it’s described as an experimental pop by others, but it’s more meditative and trance-like to me.

Today, on Beacon Sound, Portland’s Dolphin Midwives releases her gorgeous new experimental LP Body of Water, produced by Tucker Martine.

Bandcamp named it their “Album of the Day” yesterday, stating, “The trauma that shaded her past work seems to be melting away, helping lift her above sea level. On “Capricorn,” Fisher repeats the line, “When I get to the top of the mountain” over and over, layering it into a delirious chorus that sends her into the skies. Body of Water overflows with triumphal moments like it, as Fisher soars and splashes through this exciting stage in her artistic evolution.”

Sage Fisher returns with Body Of Water, recorded last year against the backdrop of the emerging Covid-19 pandemic with Grammy-nominated producer Tucker Martine. Body Of Water represents both a deepening and an expansion of her singular sound. Although the harp retains its pivotal role as Fisher’s instrument of choice, the album features a stronger emphasis on her voice, delivered in a series of arresting incantations that take flight over a bed of ground-shifting beats and percussion.

Fisher explores themes of empathy, sustainability, vulnerability and transformation through social experiment, psychoacoustics and magic.